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CFP Deadline: Hospital material culture in the Middle and Early Modern Ages: concepts and meanings

February 15

Hospital material culture in the Middle and Early Modern Ages: concepts and meanings

School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon

15-17 April 2024

The everyday life in a hospital has always been related to different objects and practices that make up the material expression of established human relationships and the very functioning of such places. In its spatial or topographical, chronological and historical and anthropological dimensions, material culture is related to the purpose or meaning that objects have for a particular people or culture and is essential in defining a society’s cultural identity.
The study of material culture as a scientific object has progressed, although historiography has paid little attention to hospital material culture.
Thus, the XIII Abrils del Hospital (Lisbon, 15-17 April) will address material culture as an indicator of hospitals’ economic power and social prestige throughout the Middle and Early Modern Ages. The focus will not only extend to isolated objects, but also to human productions with a relevant social function.

– social function of objects
– cultural production and consumption
– material culture patrimonialisation practices

Those interested in attending this international meeting are to send a proposal stating the participant’s name, email address, a brief CV, a title and a brief summary of the presentation (300 words max.). These must be sent no later than 15 January 2024 to the following email address: abrils.hospital@ub.edu. Proposals shall be examined by the Scientific Committee and the assessment results will be notified by 15 February 2024.
Both proposals and oral presentations can be held in one of the following languages: Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, English, French or Italian.

Organiser and chair of the scientific committee: Joana Balsa de Pinho

Scientific committee: Antoni Conejo, Blanca Garí, Raúl Villagrasa, Ana Rita Rocha, Cybelle Miranda