CFP Deadline: Age and Health, 1500-1800 PGR/ECR Conference

Conference for Postgraduate Researchers and Early Career Researchers on Age and Health, 1500-1800. Submission deadline: Wednesday, 31 January 2024 Conference on24 June 2024 at the University of Cambridge. Send title, abstract (c. 200 words), and short bio to

CFP Deadline: Disabling Environments

Panel exploring Romantic-era disability, health inequity, and environmental harm. Possible topics might include constructions of non-normative embodiment, the development of professional medicine, and the environmental consequences of industrialization. 300-word abstracts and brief bios to Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 15 March 2023 Contact: Fuson Wang, U of California, Riverside ( )

CFP Deadline: Health, Care, and Disability in the Early Modern Francophone World

This non-guaranteed panel invites contributions that explore notions of health, care, and disability in early modern Francophone spaces in various contexts and perspectives. Potential topics might include (but are certainly not limited to): the relation between care, charity, and religion in the early modern; literature featuring characters with disabilities; texts that challenge…

Application Deadline: Funded PhD studentship @ UCL History and Wellcome Collection

Applications are invited for “Commonplacing Health and the Body in Early Modern England”. This is a 3.5 year PhD studentship funded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership Collaborative Doctoral Award Scheme to be held at UCL History and Wellcome Collection. Project Description: Matters of health and the body were everyday preoccupations for early modern…

CFP: Pictures of Health in the Eighteenth Century

What does it mean to call someone “the picture of health”? The WHO’s 1949 constitution stated that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” More recently “One Health”—a model of health that includes the social contexts and environmental situation that limits or…